Friday, June 18, 2010

PVC goes Big Time . . .

Now that Cheryl is paddling with me and using a Greenland paddle to boot, we now find ourselves travelling with two paddles in the car. With only one person in the car, I slide the paddles in over the passenger seat. With someone in that seat, however, the paddles end up being put up between the seats. This would be fine if we did not have a standard. The paddles always manage to find a way to jam up behind the stick OR slip down onto the floor behind the gas pedal. Either way, that's not good. Also, I've been putting wet paddles in over the seats and that can't be good either!!

Soooo - I decided to make top mounted paddle carrier made out of - you guessed it - PVC pipe. I bought a 12' piece of 4" white sewer pipe, two end caps and a can of black spray paint.

I cut the pipe about 2" longer than my current paddles - just in case I decide to go a little longer in the future. I sanded the lettering off the pipe and gave it a coat of black satin paint. I drilled a hole in one end cap to relieve pressure when putting the cap on. The carrier will be held in place by straps.

In the rough!!

Painted and laid on the car for a dry fit!!

Stick on foam to stop any forward/backward movement when strapped on!!

So how many standard Greenland paddles can you fit into a 4" tube . . .?







Let's see you do that with three Euro shovels!


  1. I'm sure that not everybody needs an external GP carrier - but if you do, then this is the way to go!!

    I plan on using mine a fair bit that's for sure!!


  2. Cool set up.
    I can only shove 2 Aleut paddles in mine (maybe coz my tube it's not black and therefore not "slimming" :-)
    On mine I have added T nuts on the base of the tube that slot directly into the Thule cross rails; no need to tie down.
    I like the black look but here in Queensland it would get so hot in the sun to possibly cook the timber paddles (?)

  3. The carrier works great - especially when you have a passenger in the car. It also keep the wet paddles off the upholstery.

    I'm not overly enthused about how I attach it to the rack but if works for now and I'm too lazy to change - go figure!!

  4. I never thought that we could use PVC Pipes in the Philippines like that! Nice idea man!