Friday, April 1, 2011

A house gives birth and a maiden voyage!!

The big day has finally arrived. Two months to the day, the new boat is ready to leave the attic and hit the water!!

I think the pictures speak for themselves . . .

See, no problems coming down those stairs!

Not what you'd expect to see!!

A helping hand.

Coming down!
A soft landing.

Time for rackin'

A two minute drive brings us to St. Philip's.

On the slip next to Tony's Nordkapp.
It was a lovely evening on the water. 

Impressions:  This boat is a lot "tippier" than my Baffin - but in a good way! My initial fit is good so far - may need one more 1/2 piece of foam on the foot braces! Rolling is good - only three pulled off due to cold water temps. Edges nicely. Tracks great - but no wind to really test.

Verdict (after one paddle):  A boat that will reward the serious paddler but will not suffer fools! 

My camera died before heading off for a paddle but my good paddling buddy, Tony, managed to document the rest of the evening in his blog -

It was a great evening on the water - thanks to Tony, Dennis and Eugene. The boat was great. Fast and responsive. We hit some slight clapotis - just enough to get the feel of the new boat. After two hours I was quite comfortable and it's only going to get better!!

Only one  setback. When Dennis and I we're loading the boat back on the car I heard sloshing and the boat felt a little heavy. I ignored it until home when I found that the day and rear hatch had significant water in them. My initial thoughts were DAMN - those friggin hatches are leaking. BUT after some pressure testing, i.e, pressing down on the closed hatches, I found that the pad eyes (deck line fittings) were all leaking. They all hissed loudly whenever I pushed down on the hatches!! Again, my initial thoughts were DAMN - those friggin' pad eyes are leaking. But then I thought that is was better the pad eyes than the 300.00 worth of hatches!!  Oddly enough I managed to push the pad eyes back into the hull with no problem. It appears the sealant did not set up properly!!  I've decided that I will next put copious amounts of Marine Goop on them and see how that works!! Marine Goop is very thick and tenacious - I am confident that a good dose of it will cure any future leaks..

Other than that, the boat is resting comfortably here in the living room - lying in front of the woodstove like a lazy dog!. I put the compass in earlier this evening (without incident) and am now waiting for the hull to dry out. Tomorrow I will rectify the pad eye problem.

All in all, a great evening on the bay with a great new boat in the company of fellow paddlers!! Can it get better??



  1. There will always be little things to iron out when you build a boat yourself. At least its something you can easily take care of. Till next time, likely Thursday.

    Tony :-)

  2. Wish I could have joined the first paddle (worked til 5 and did not have access to my car...daughter). I must admit I wasn't keen on the choice of the blue (not that it matters what anybody else thinks..) until I seen the pics of it outdoors and on the water. I do like the blue after all. The boat looks really really good. Bit odd not seeing you in your Baffin, though. Excellant job.

    So is it true that next winter your going to take on a couple students and help them build their own kayak in your attic? Sign me up, Dougie.

  3. That's an awesome launch!(not the padeyes - when I used them they always seems to leak somewhere no matter what I did. I wonder if you changed the seat to a Happy Bottom Seat Pad from Chesapeake Light Craft would make it feel more stable. It looked like the Baffin's seat was pretty high in the boat.

  4. Dean: I knew you'd have a good excuse not to make it to a paddle!! Sorry, no plans for a winter course on kayak building!

    Bryan: I just socked the Marine Goop to the pad eye backing plates. They should be watertight this time. As for the seat, it sits right on the bottom of the boat - your butt is about 1/2" off the bottom. I think it looks higher because the front is raised a bit - which I like because it helps keep your thighs slightly elevated.

    Thanks all for dropping by!

  5. dang, it looks good! From the pix one would have a hard time saying that's a DIY timber kayak: very polished!

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  7. Congratulations on completing your kayak. It looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in action on Thursday.