Sunday, May 1, 2011

Testing. Testing. 1-2-3. Testing.

Finally a chance to give the new boat a good test. On Sunday a group of 8 paddlers left from Bauline en route to Pouch Cove. The total distance was 21.8 kms  by my GPS. Total time in the boat was around 3.5 hrs. There was a variety of conditions ranging from flat water, to swells, to clapotis and even some surf. It was good chance to see how the boat reacted and to see how the new setup would feel after being in the boat for a few hours on end. Everything worked out great.

Thanks to Tony, Dennis, Dean, Stan, Tobias, Gerard and Clyde for a great paddle and here's a few shots from the day. Sorry, not much commentary. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Putting in @ Bauline.

Dennis (l) and Dean (r) inside the breakwater.

Gerard cruising along  . . .

. . . and checking out one of the neat caves we encountered.

Stan in a steady downpour!!

It rained pretty hard - 'nuff said!

Fog rolling down the hills.

Playing in one of the numerous waterfalls along the way.

Dean (l) and Clyde (r) sittin' in the surf.



Tobias (l) and Gerard (r) getting ready to have lunch.

High and dry.

Between a rock and hard place. A little white paint was left behind!

Heading towards Pouch Cove.

Taking out in Pouch Cove #1.

Taking out in Pouch Cove #2

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