Thursday, July 14, 2011

Disko Bay - Taking Shape

It's been quite a while since I've posted any updates on the Disko Bay build. I ordered my "skin" from George Dyson in Washington just prior to the postal strike. For reasons unknown, the package first went to Mexico, then it was bounced off Canada because of the strike. For weeks there was no update on its status until one day it finally said that it was in Canada. A few days later it arrived at my door!!

The arrival of the polyester was the reason to get back at working on the boat. I already had the frames cut and the gunwales and stringers ripped. The intention was to build outside as weather permitted but the summer started off so slow that I got very little done that way.

Checking frames in the very beginning of the build. This was a on the b-ball court in the backyard.
I also needed to find a strongback on which to build the boat.  By chance I was also constructing a new deck and amongst the lumber was a very straight piece of 2x6x12. I poked it in the basement for safe keeping. With the arrival of the fabric I decided I needed to get going on this project and this meant not relying on the elements, i.e., building outdoors.  I already had an 18 ft work table in the attic from when I built my Point Bennett so I decided to move the project indoors to familiar territory.

In a matter of minutes I had the strongback set up on the table and was off to the races. Below are a few shots of the work I completed the first evening. This is just a testing phase to see how the things fit together and what I'm up against. For those who followed my blog during the construction of the Point Bennett, you will immediately recognize the surroundings!!

Looking Fwd. Frames, keel and gunwales in place temporarily.

Looking aft @ amidships. Gunwales and chines in place temporarily.

Looking FWD @ amidships. A very flat after deck.

Looking aft from the bow.

I know it's not much to report but the intent of this blog entry is to show that, indeed, I am still actively pursiung this build. Now that I have the strongback setup in a "stable and predictable" environment, work should progress nicely.

Stay tuned!!

p.s For some reason I cannot respond to my blog or make comments on any others. So if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not.  I just can't figure out what is wrong with my account!!


  1. sean i had the same problem. Just do not click the "remember" me on the google log in when you log on.

    worked for me anyway

  2. Thanks. Let's see if this works!!!


  3. Boat is looking good so far :)

  4. I'm not getting at it as much as I would like but it's summer and there are lots of other things to be doing! I'm in the process now of tweaking the frame placements. I moved the footrest 3" fwd to accommodate my long legs and big feet. This means shifting the frames fwd a little as well, which is turn affects the sheer and so on and so on. I think I have it figured out but haven't had a good chance to have take a real close look at the overal shape of the fwd hull at this point.