Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Pearl Project - Strips and Forms

This was a good productive weekend for me - finally!!. Friday night was a bit slow - I made a few test cuts with the strips. I decided to go with the circular saw rather than using my radial arm saw or other stationary equipment. Preliminary testing was positive, so I decided to wait until Saturday so that I could move the operation outside - it was proving to be a VERY dusty endeavor!

Saturday AM was time for a short paddle from St. Philip's to Portugal Cove with Tobias and Dean. It was nice to get back on the water for a few hours!

Saturday afternoon was clear and relatively warm so I decided to give the strip cutting a whir! I set up a plank on the picnic table and proceeded to cut strips from the three pieces of 1x8x8 clear pine I picked up on Friday. It went so well that I decided to run out and pick up 2 pieces of 1x10x12. I started cutting at 1:20 and by 4:30 I had all the strips cuts. Of course included in this time was the trip to the lumber store. Not a bad patch of work if you ask me. I ripped about 66 strips at 8' and 56 at 12'.  Of all these, only one snapped because there was one small knot in the board.  Not too shabby if you ask me!

Making hay (dust) while the sun shone!!

Circular with long fence!

Oh, how many times I walked this walk that day!!

The end product.

Saturday night was spent relaxing and socializing over a few brews. Sunday, I promised Cheryl that we'd put up some moldings. So, after 13 years, we finally finished the cove moldings in the upstairs hall. It was mid-afternoon when we finished so I decided to go back at the boat. I finished leveling up the table. For the centre line I went with a copper wire stretched between two screws. I managed to tighten the wire by twisting the screw. It sounded like a big guitar when I cranked it up!!

Centre line cranked up nice and tight!

I made recesses in the bottom of each station so that it could fit over the wire. I used my Schedule 40 clamps to hold the forms while I did some cursory checks. As expected, the clamps worked like a charm!!

Schedule 40s to the rescue!

Checking the level-ness using the designed waterline as a reference.

Checking the vertical!

Checking for fairness - and sticking on a few strips just to see what it will look like.

With the forms in place, I just need to cut and fit the inner stems. I am not anticipating this to be a big job so I'm not that far off from the actually planking


  1. Sean, I have a table saw, anytime you need to cut some strips let me know. No need to do that outside in the cold.

    Tony :-)

  2. Thanks Tony. I have a 10" radial arm saw that could've done it as well but the circular saw was so easy and, believe me, I was not cold at all doing this. It was quite nice out - just the right temp. Plus, there was a lot of dust so it was too easy to throw down the tarp to collect it all.


  3. Hey

    I have no idea with anything wood that fence idea came in quite handy today!

    Boats looking big enough for the canoes aka feet!

  4. The long fencehas been on the saw since I ripped the keel, chines and shear for the SOF. Certainly comes in handy at times!!

    Don't be decieved by the size of the forms for this boat. What you see is not what you get in the end product You can see the rounded deck lines in each of the stations - pretty low so I'm guessing it's going to be a bit tight around the feet. Even with my S&G boat, my feet are wedged in pretty good. I don't think this one will be any "roomier", that's for sure!!