Sunday, January 20, 2013

Point Bennett Project - Devil in the Details and a Maiden Run

I'm finally in the home stretch on this project. I just had a few small things to take care of before the boat was finished. I spent a relaxed Saturday evening in the attic with a few beers!! Below are a few shots of some of the final details!!

Paddle park on the rear deck!

DIY toggle from t-pipe!!

Paddle park - rear deck.

Heat shrink neatens things up nicely!!

Just another angle #1!!

As a staunch Newfoundlander, and a bit anti-Confederation, to boot, I like to put a Republic of Newfoundland flag on the bow on all my boats. This one was no different!!

The finishing touch!!

Just another angle #2

Just after finishing work for the night, I checked my email and a few guys were heading out on Sunday AM for a paddle. The light bulb went on and I decided this boat was ready for the water!!

Ready to leave the shop!!

Sunday AM dawned clear but cold. -8 with a wind chill in the -12 to -15 range.  As good as any day to go for a paddle. I met Dean and Tony in St. Philips at 10:00 for a few hours on the water

See Tony's blog entry here and Deans here.

Those are some big icicles!!

A little bit of the ol' clapotis!!

Heading towards Portugal Cove!!

Heading back to St. Philip's.

Back through the channel!!

Picking our way through the pans!!

Looking cool!!

Back at the house, I took a few more shots of the boat. It was nice not to be confined by the size and lighting of the attic.

I'm a happy camper!!

The final product #1.

The final product #2

Well. I hope you've enjoyed reading about this project as much as I've enjoyed writing about it!!  I was in the attic today doing a bit of clean up and it seems almost lonely up there - like a friend has moved out!!  Still, it's nice to have the space back and the extra time to do other things!! Actually, I'm heading off to the attic now to get on the bike trainer - gotta fill that void somehow and exercise seems as good an idea as anything else!!

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  1. My hero! I sit in envy. Your boat is beautiful and it gets to play, even when others hibernate.