Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foxtrap to Kelly's Island

Today was a lovely day. Temps in the low 20's, low humidity and a gentle wind. A great day for a paddle. Cheryl and I had a few hours free so we decided to head to the Foxtrap Marina and paddle over to Kelly's Island. The crossing from Foxtrap is around 3.5 KMs or so at this point, so it was not a big deal. The winds were light but were forecasted to freshen up for our return. The bay was full of boats - both small, big and HUGE, so we knew we'd not be alone on the water.

Here's a few shots from the paddle!!

Putting in at Foxtrap!

Coming up behind the tanker, Kometik!!

The beach on the front Kelly's Island

Pulled up on the beach. Two lovely looking ladies!!

The lagoon behind the beach with CBS in the background.

Obligatory shot with CBS and the Kometik in the background.

The beach.

Cheryl and the lagoon.

The Glacier sittin' pretty.

Cheryl went for a dip to cool off.

A sunken boat and debris field.

Paddling below the cliffs. Much like Bell Island but a LOT shorter!!

Interesting shoreline.

Grumpy old man!! Sporting my "I'm-on-holidays-so-I-don't-shave" facial hair!

The pointier end of the Kometik

This evening, after I took the kayak off the car, I commented to Cheryl on how happy I was that we bought this boat. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a double because they carry the moniker of "divorce boat". A double kayak can cause a lot of headaches and heartaches if the two people can't get along or are intolerant of one another. Lucky for use, neither of these is a problem!!  This boat is allowing us to get out more and enjoy both the paddling and the good company.

Cheers to another great day on the water!!!



  1. Sean. I really like this post. While I (not so secretly) long for a single, I am enjoying the summer experiences our somewhat clunky double is affording us. Perhaps one day I will even take a look at an up-scaled double like yours.Hopefully see you on the water soon. Cheers....Chris

  2. Hey Chris: While a single is certainly nice, there's still a lot to be said for paddling a double. We should try an outing together with the two boats and you can give our's a whir!!

    Glad you liked the post. It was a most enjoyable excursion to the Island.