Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fat Biking to Brock's Head

I have paddled to Brock's Falls a number of times in my sea kayak but I have never been to the source of the falls before. That is, not until today when a group of us left Hibb's Place (just off Bauline Line) and headed overland to Brock's Head via fat bike!

It was a lovely morning. The thermometer in the car read -5 on the drive down. There was a bit of wind but not enough to be uncomfortable. Here's a brief account and a few images from the day!

Forming up the group!
The 20.4 km ride was a varied combination of fields, wooded trail, open barrens and the crossing of five ponds!  There was a lot of exposed ice on the ponds, so studded tires were the shoes of choice.  This was my first real test of my DIY studded tires and they worked most admirably!

Crossing the ice!

Just small specks in a vast whiteness!

And yet another crossing.

Ron entering the woods.
Following Dean.

And Ron!


The whole group minus your's truly!

Two small crosses at the mouth of a small river. A forlorn reminder of, presumably, a tragedy in this spot.

We stopped at the end of one pond and left our bikes to hike the short distance to the head of Brock's Falls.

The end of the "road" to Brock's Head.

An opportunity to take shot of the bike in its natural setting!

Walking out of the woods out onto the edge of Brock's Head revealed the most interesting ice formations on the trees. I assume that they are the result of the wind pushing the water from the falls back onto the trees where it froze. This was a great spot to take some great shots!! And yep, we were pretty high above the cold ocean below!!

After a short walk back to the bikes - and, no, none of them were stolen!! We are a trusting bunch leaving what was probably the equivalent of 15,000 worth of gear alone in the open!!

Ron and Loyal back at the bikes!

The ride back was much quicker than the one out eventhough there was a lovely hill that we had to hike-a-bike!  The reward was on the other side with a wonderful swoopy downhill!

All in all, it was a great morning on the bike with a great bunch of people. Seven of us left and seven of us returned, so all was good. I hope we get another chance at this ride before the season's out.

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