Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three islands, one paddle. A pictorial account

When: October 17, 2010
Who:  Eugene, Tony, Dean, Clyde, Dennis, Gerard, Hazen and your's truly

Where: Conception Bay with a launch at Topsail Beach followed by stops at Little Bell Island, Bell Island and Kelly's Island
Total distance:  22.5 KM


Putting in @ Topsail Beach

Leaving Topsail and heading for Little Bell Island

Gerard heading for Little Bell Island

The lagoon on Little Bell Island

Rounding the Northern tip of Little Bell and heading towards Bell Island

Dean, Eugene, Gerard and Dennis heading towards Bell Island.

The cliffs of Bell Island

As good a place as any for lunch - Bell Island

Lunch on Bell Island

Stopping on the beach - Kelly's Island

Another lagoon but this time it's on Kelly's Island.

The "crew" on Kelly's Island
(l-r) Eugene, your's truly, Gerard, Clyde, Dean, Dennis, Hazen and Tony


  1. Looks like you guys had a great paddle! Kinda sorry I missed it, but heres the reason why.

    Almost looks like a boat now!

  2. nice place. Im gonna hae to check out bell island next year.

  3. Bell Island is a great place to paddle. The cliffs are just amazing and the water is deep yet crystal clear. Beautiful!