Saturday, October 23, 2010

Under Deck Hydration System - First Upgrade

In my last post I detailed the process I went through in making an under deck hydration system.  I did not like how the hose came straight up through the rubber grommet and then bent over. I already had a 90 degree elbow but did not put it on for the first iteration.

I decided to put in that 90 degree fitting tonight and it works just great.

Below is good picture of the entire through-deck and quick disconnect fitting.

I made sure that hole through the deck was large enough to allow the quick disconnect fitting to fit without having to take it all apart.

The 90 elbow makes for a much more compact setup!

Compared to . . .

THIS JUST IN . . . .

I didn't like the beige rubber grommet and attempting to paint it failed miserably so I dug out a black one and Voila!! Not only does it look better in black but it's even a lower profile!!



  1. Prtty cool Sean.You got more nere than me...I would never drill a hole in my boat! well...none of my new ones anyway!

  2. Beer helps when you're drilling that first hole! Besides you already have one great big hole in your boat - the cockpit - so a couple of small ones are no big deal if done carefully!!

  3. Sean - you might have to branch into kayak fishing. Lots of modifications can be done:

  4. Mike: I know. I've stumbled across lots of fishing kayak "add-ons". Those guys seem to have all the good toys!!