Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A warm, sunny November day in Cape Broyle

Where:  Cape Broyle
When: Novermber 7, 2010
Who: Julie, Clyde, Gary, Dean, Tony, Tobias, Neville, Hazen, Gerard and your's truly.

The weekend of Nov 6-7 was certainly a weather anomoly for us here in Newfoundland. It was calling for warm temps all weekend but with higher winds on Saturday. Some fellow paddlers opted to go for a practice run on Saturday as the winds made for some fun conditions. I, on the other hand, had some work to attend to around the house  - most notable was replacing some clapboard that I'd been neglecting since August!!! Cheryl and I had a fun afternoon working together in the warm sun and soft winds. It was a great way to spend an afternoon!!

Saturday evening an email went out saying that a group were heading to Cape Broyle on Sunday AM.  It was too good an offer to refuse - and I'm certainly glad that I didin't!!

Nine of us met at the Food Ex in ay Bulls at 9:00. We then proceeded to Cape Broyle.

Putting in at Cape Broyle
(L-R) Tony, Gary, Clyde, Dean and Hazen)
The put-in always has its share of good natured bantering as we get out gear ready. Everyone is always in a good mood as we anticipate the paddle ahead.

Heading out along the North Shore.
The North shore of Cape Broyle has less cliffs and more "civilization", i.e., houses, so we tend to skirt along it briefly before heading across to the "wilds" of the South shore.

Tony with Fall colours in the background

Unlike the South side, there are spots on the North where there is actually grass growing close to the water.

Clyde watching water cascade down the cliff.

We stopped a moment to watch how the water in this small stream wended its convoluted way to the ocean.

Gary and Tobias checking out some small caves while Dean's bow looks on!

The South shore is known for its numerous caves - ranging in size from small alcoves in the rock all the way up to massive clefts where several boats at a time can fit through!

Gerard skirting the cliff base.
 The water is always crystal clear and fairly deep at the base of the cliffs. There's always something to look at above as well as below you.

Tobias doing the same.
Light at the end of the tunnel.

Most caves are one-way affairs - go in, turn around and come back out - but there is one in Cape Broyle that allows you to pass all the way through. One end requires that you pick your way through a rock garden. Depending on the tide and swell, you may/may not be able to pass. The other end opens up as seen above. It's quite a feeling passing through that much rock in a small boat!!

Playing in the waterfall.

Kayakers, for some reason, seem drawn to wateralls. If they are not stopping to take pictures of them, they are trying their best to get under them. Cape Broyle has at least two such falls that you can bring your boat directly under. There is another on a beach on the South shore that you can stand under - this one is fairly large.

Crusin' the South shore.
(L-R) Julie, Clyde, Gary, Dean and Tony

Beauty, eh?

Beauty, eh? (#2)

Sea stack.
This sea stack conjures up mythical thoughts for me. I expect to see some strange beast perched atop it like in some old Sinbad the Sailor movie or, perhaps,  to hear the Sirens' call.

Neville and Gerard entering a massive cave. (Sorry for the poor picture quality but it's the only one of have of this cave)
This has to be the largest sea cave I've ever been in. In the picture above you can see a small speck in the cave - that's Clyde almost near the end.

And this is what we found at the end.

Another meter or so of water and you'd probably be able to make it all the way through!
A different world.

As we rounded the Southern head, we hit the open water and the subsequent wind and wave/swell action. It was nice for a change but it was not part of our original plan to do any open water padlling so we just played for a little while before heading back into the shelter of Cape Broyle.

The paddle ended where it started and after packing everything up, we hit the local restautrant for a cuppa and some more good natured bantering. Full circle!!!


  1. Caves and waterfalls you can go in by kayak is truly magic. :) If you can, you just have to - right? ;)

  2. Sean, I took 83 pictures. A lot were dark because we were in shadows most of the time or overexposed when I was shooting in the direction of the sun. The hope is that a few will turn out.

    A fine paddle nonetheless!

    Tony :-)

  3. Beautiful....Im planning on living out i nSt Philips for right now, I cant wait to get down on those waters again!

  4. Tony: It was a really hard day for pictures, wasn't it? I'm not really happy with the ones I posted but they're the best of the lot!!

    Lee: Looking forward to paddling with you.

    Miamaria: Very true!!