Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feelin' blue!!

Almost two months to the day of starting this boat, I finally get a real good idea of the finished product. I put the first coat of blue on the deck and I'm really liking it!!  After I finished, I looked at the boat and thought "something looks very familiar about this" Then it clicked. Back in 1979 I built an 11ft skin on frame. It was a wooden frame covered in painted canvas. The hull was painted white and the deck was almost the exact same shade of blue that I have on the new boat. Co-inkydink?? Perhaps, not!!

The images below were taken just after the first coat of blue paint. The masking tape is still in place. Any "blemishes" you see on the deck are the holes for the pad eyes.


  1. It looks beautiful Sean. What excellent work it looks like you done here. It was very nice following your blog while you put this together. Champagne christening for sure on this one buddy.

  2. beautiful mate! I wish I was half as handy as you!

  3. Sean, how about a blue pin-stripe just under the deck line? And, you'll probably need a name?

    Tony :-)

  4. Thanks guys. Not sure about breaking a bottle of champagne against the bow but I can promise to drink a beer as I slide her out the window!!

    I'm going to run a 1" black "stripe" along the sheer separating the blue and white.

    I'm not much into naming my boats but I did consider calling it Kelpie - after the mythical water horse. The only problem is that Kelpie enticed people to ride them. Their hides then became very adhesive, sticking the hapless rider to them as they plunged into the water - drowning the rider. If I was a superstitious person, I'd be wary of calling my boat a Kelpie.

  5. The black strip along the sheer will be so sweet as you peel off the masking tape!