Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Point Bennett Project - Just Like Coming Home

Because I was doing the initial cutting outdoors, I've been limited by the amount of time I could get to work on the project. With the evenings closing in and the more persistent wet weather, time was short!!

I finally managed to finish sanding the sheers today. I wanted to do this outdoors as much as possible as it cuts down on the amount of paint dust in the house - always a good idea. I had a bear of a job getting the Gorilla Tape residue off the hull but the use of an industrial strength citrus cleaner finally did the trick.

Sheers sanded.

With the sanding completed, the boat was ready to go back into the shop, aka, my attic. It went back in with  no problem whatsoever. Now that it's inside, I'm not held hostage to the weather and darkness. Yayyyyy!!

The first thing I wanted to do was make a final check on the evenness of both sheer lines. I strapped the boat down onto foam chocks on the work table. Then using a level and a rasp, I evened and faired everything up nicely. It was a lot easier to do it this way than when it was slopping all over my picnic table outside!!!

Making everything  nice and even!

Satisfied with the sheers, I moved onto actually looking at how I'm going to do the deck. I had an old template from a previous cockpit that I simply laid in place and then ran a strip up the front deck to get the creative juices flowing. This cockpit is too small - it's only 29" long - and I think I'll stretch the final opening to a 31" keyhole shaped. I'm not as limber as I used to be so I need that extra few inches to enable me to get in easier!!  I also need to determine the height of the deck in the front and I am trying to decide between 11"and 12" under the deck.  Deck height at my feet is another crucial measurement I'll have to figure out!!

Just checking things out!!

The foredeck

Looking from aft!!

Now that the PB is "home", I can really start to make some headway on this project.

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