Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby One More Time

I can't believe I'm titling this post after a Britney Spears' song but what can you do?

Last night after supper I did the final shaping of the new paddle. I then hosed it down to bring up the grain. While it was drying I headed off for our final pool session until next fall.

I'm happy wih the results thus far.The paddle is stiff while still fairly light (31 oz) and, if I may say so, looks good to boot. All pictures in this entry were taken after the initial wet down. I have not added the trademark black band in the images.

When I returned home from the pool, I gave the paddle a quick touch up sanding, put on the black reflective bands, applied a coat of epoxy to the tips and a coat of tung oil to the remainder of the paddle. The oil brought the look of the wood up nicely. The epoxy went on smooth but that's another story!!!

Here's a few shots after wetting down with water:

I said that the epoxy was "another story" because the friggin' stuff was still tacky and soft after 7 hrs drying and there were a few fish eyes (spots where the epoxy does not adhere to the wood but runs off to leave bare spots). I'd like to express how I really feel but you never know who's reading this blog!!! I am getting disillusioned with epoxy resin as a protective coating. I follow the 1:4 ratio of accelerant to resin as per instructions but I don't seem to have much luck - be it amine blush, running/sagging or improper curing. I beginning to think that I'll just coats the tips with tung oil and "let the chips fall where they may" - or should I say "let the paddle chip when it falls!" (hahahahaha).

If the coat is not cured when I get home this evening "up she comes", i.e., I'll strip the tips and go with good ol, easy-to-work -with tung oil!!!

Also, the epoxy yellowed the tips - taking away from the nice white bone-like look that I wanted!!


  1. I was thinking of adding epoxy to mine (clear) to save the tips from wear and tear... but i think I will just let it wear and tear.. After all, if I only get one season out of a paddle, I'll just keep making more...

  2. Hey Sean the paddle is superb but what happened to your picnic table. It turned all strange colors! lol


  3. Hey Sean the paddle is superb and you certainly have the knack for making them GP's but what the He*% happened to the picnic table? It turned all those strange colors!lol


  4. Hey Stan, that table was those colours the last time you saw it! I think they work together quite well, don't you?

    Dean: The protection afforded by the epoxy is actually very limited. I'm going to scrape mine down to the bare wood tonight and redo with tung oil!!