Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day on the Bay . . .

Seven of, what I would call, our core group of paddlers headed off to Bay Bulls today for a day paddle. I've been to Bay Bulls many times, went on the tour boats a few times but never paddled there. I was not disappointed.

The morning started off with the standard leisurely paddle along the shore. It was pretty sheltered on the North side of the bay today.

Clyde and Robert

Dean sporting his new lid

Robert and Tony just cruisin'

But as we headed towards more open water outside the headland, things took a change. We bounced into the swells/waves for a while before making the prudent decision to turn back. I only wish I had my camera mounted on the deck for some water level videos of the oncoming water!! It was too hard taking pictures in the more confused waters so I only have a few and even these don't do justice to the sea state.

Tony just entering the chop

Can you see Ralph's red helmet and paddle tip?

We then rode the swells back into Bay Bulls . . .

Stan looks like he has to paddle "uphill" to catch Ralph!

. . . stopped at the head of the bay for lunch.

Fueling up!

. . . and then headed back out again!!!

This time we hit the Southern head of Bay Bulls where the water was choppy as well.

Clyde in his element

Thanks to Robert, Tony, Dean, Ralph, Stand and Clyde for a "lovely tell yer Mudder kinda day" on the Bay!


  1. Nice pics Sean. I got you added to blogs I follow...keep up the good work :-)

  2. Thanks Brian. I pop over to your blog regularly as well.