Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black Pearl Project - Makin' a Foam Masik

I'm still working on customizing the cockpit and the next on the list is the masik. In a traditional wooden framed kayak, the masik is the curved deck beam that supports the front of the cockpit. It also acts as a brace against which to press the knees for better body to boat contact. My boat has no need for the masik as a deck beam but it does require one as a brace.

I made mine out of closed cell foam, a.k.a., interlocking foam floor tiles.

Foam floor tile.

I simply cut three strips about 1.25" wide. I laminated the strips together with Goop.

Strips ready for laminating

I glued up the strips and placed them inside the hull to get the right curvature. After they set up for a few minutes, I pulled out the masik and put on a raft of Schedule 40 clamps to squeeze the strips together tightly as the Goop dried.

Looks like some giant plastic caterpillar!!

After the Goop dried, I used 60 grit sandpaper to round out the edges.


After test fitting a few times, I glued the masik in place using Goop.

Masik in place. Clamp is holding pump holder clips in place while the epoxy dries.

The foam masik gives a very firm support for my thighs - just above the knee. I was noticing that pushing my legs up against the glass inside the deck was not good for my drysuit - the weave is not fully filled with epoxy which leaves a rough surface. Also, the foam is much more comfortable to push against than the wooden deck.  I've yet to try it on the water, but it certainly feels comfy on the land!!

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