Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black Pearl Project - Rolling the (fake) bones

I've been trying to determine how I'd make deck toggles for a few days now. I was originally going to go with wood but then an idea came to me - how about trying CPVC pipe?  It's sorta bone-like in colour and easy to work with - plus I had a piece in the shed!!!  Good enough reasons to give it a try.  I'm starting to dig the look.  And the Maroske fittings are the real cat's ass!!!

I'll admit that this boat, while based on a Greenland design, is not a traditional boat, so why confine myself to notion that it needs to look like one?

Anyway, the building of these toggles was very straightforward - cut the pipe to length, drill a hole in each end and then put it to the bench grinder to angle the ends. A little touch up sanding and we're good to go!!

You will also notice in the pictures below that opted for the truck bed liner on the foredeck where the deck lines (bungees) are located. Looks fine to me.

No captions required for these images as they are pretty self explanatory.

Next stops are the foam foot brace, attaching the seat (with velcro until I determine that it is exactly how I want it) and then actually attaching the deck lines.


  1. Thanks Lee. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter - let's hope it's not a train, as they say!!


  2. Looks great! I really like the black on black effect of the semigloss bedliner on the high gloss paint

  3. I was wondering at what point you'd add some of your favorite material to it... I have to say I do like the look of the toggles too...

  4. db - Thanks for comment. I was beginning to doubt the use of the bed liner but it certainly grows on you. Plus it's really hard to get a get picture of how it actually looks. The flash really makes it look grey but it's not.

    Dean: Yep, had to get a bit of plastic pipe in there somewhere. The spray on bed liner is coming in a close second as my next favourite material!!