Friday, April 30, 2010

All According to Plan . . .

The new paddle is progressing nicely. I've managed to afix the two maple tips and do a rudimentary shaping. So far, everything is going according plan. The new paddle is on its way to being both light and strong and, hopefully, a real looker. I'm now to the point where I need to do the final marking of the blades. For those measure-bators, the paddle is now at 41.25 oz in its very rough shape. That's on par with most of my sub 30oz paddles I've made in the past - woohoo!! I'm excited about doing the final shaping to see how the whole thing turns out!!.

One of my major obstacles to paddle-making is my lack of "facilities" I work out of a very small woodshed - so small that I can't turn a paddle around in it!. It has no heat and the power is provided by a 100 ft cord!! I have an antiquated workbench with a warped top that my Dad bought about 30 years ago. Still, I manage to produce nice paddles thus proving that, it does not take equipment and space to produce paddles - just the will to do it!!

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