Sunday, April 11, 2010


After diligently watching the blogs of fellow kayakers AND after buying my first waterproof camera, i.e., kayak-safe, I've decided to create my own blog.

Will this blog be any different than the scads of others? That remains to be seen. Still, we all come to paddling with different experiences and expectations. It is these that give us our uniqueness!! (Not bad!! Only two paragraphs into this blog and already I'm waxing philosophical)

This is an open invitation to come to my blog, stay a while, drop a message if you feel so inclined and, as they said in the Beverly Hillbillys, "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


  1. Good for you Sean, hope you have fun with it!

    Tony :-)

  2. Hey Sean,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Now if we could only get Dean to start a blog we could have our paddles in 3 D! LOL. Looking forward to your posts. I suspect you will be the Gnarly Dog of St. John's. Cheers.

  3. Thanks guys. I have a lot of things to say but I just need to find the time write them down! I'm sure once I get into the swing, I'll be fine.