Thursday, April 15, 2010

The PVC Chronicles - Chapter The Second

A while back there was discussion on our club news group about the hazards of paddling in very cold weather. One of the topics revolved about the chances of your pump freezing up and becoming inoperable. Suggestions were made to place the pump inside the boat and, hence, out of the elements.

The following is a pump mount that I came up with that using a 3" suction cup (with 1/4" mounting bolt) and a three inch piece of 2" PVC pipe. Simply cut enough out of the pipe lengthwise to ensure a solid grip on your pump body. I rounded the edges for easier clipping in of the pump as well as to remove any sharp edges that may try to hook your legs as you beat a hasty exit.

I had to cut a portion off the foam on my pump but no big deal. I also put a bit of epoxy on the bolt threads and between the cup and the pipe - simply because I tend to overthink and over build things!! Sorry for no "in boat" shots - I tried but they did not want to come out right. Instead, I've got an "on the wall" shot!!!

This mount has been pool-tested with success. I actually forgot it was there for the whole session. A quick lick of black satin paint and we're ready to go!!!


  1. Sean you never cease to amaze me. What an idea and if you don't mind I think I'll try that myself. I think Ill call you The PVC doctor.



  2. Thanks Stan - If you can believe it, my next PVC project is a Shakuhachi (Japanese flute). I've made transverse, i.e., "regular' flutes and whistles from PVC before with great results but this is my first attempt at an "end blown" flute. It's working out great so far - just tweaking the prototype as I type!!

  3. I've had this setup out on a couple of paddles and practice sessions with no issues with the pump letting loose - even during wet exits with re-entry and roll.

    It's working out great so far!!