Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yakkin' about . . . Qs

There are so many people out there ranting on about recycling but, then again, buy a new BBQ as soon as the venturi, i.e., burner, rusts out!!! My "q" is about 4 years old and the venturi and flavour bar, i.e., stainless steel plate over the burner, were shot. What to do, what to do?

The rest of the unit was fine - the cast aluminum body was fine (as they all are regardless of age), the valves and controls were fine and the side burner even worked. Why should I even consider buying a new BBQ?? Everybody seems to balk at the price of the replacement venturi. Mine came to 50.00 taxes in. Not a big deal seeing that the previous one one lasted 4 years!!! Case in point, when I was looking for my new venturi, a man came up along side me and pointed to his wife and said "See the cost of that (it was 39.00), now look at the cost of a new BBQ (it was 199.00)" His attitude was why pay 40 bucks for a replacement part when you can get a whole new unit for 200?? Where, I ask, is the logic in this!!!

As for me, I popped the replacement venturi in with no problem. As for the flavour bar (and here's the kicker) - I had a road sign (Detour) kicking around in my yard for years (my son picked it up somewhere). It's a very heavy gauge aluminum and perfect for a new flavour bar. Badda boom badda bing, fifteen minutes later I have a perfectly functioning BBQ again. Total cost 50 bucks - or 56 bucks if I go whole hog and slap a new coat of heat resistant paint on it!!!

Happy Qing

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