Friday, April 23, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect . . . In All Things!!!

Last night (Thursday) was the second "practice" session we've had this season. We initially started them up again on April 8th but had to miss last week's due to, shall we say, inclement weather.

A total of 10 paddlers made it out for an evening of rescues, rolling and just general socializing - as we often do when on the water!! It was good night for it. There was no wind and a slow rolling swell. A little more wave action would've made it a little more interesting but it's still only April so there's lot's of time to practice in "conditions".

Dean doing a scramble

Aquaman, aka Clyde, up from the deeps, i.e., just finishing a roll!

Of course there was more than paddle practice going on. I had my camera with me and I'm still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with my gloves on. My gloves are like penguin flippers so fine finger work is impossible. I have a tendency to jab at the buttons until I hit the right one. The problem last night is that I hit a button that accidentally bumped the ISO up to 800!! My camera is not known for its ability to handle noise at higher ISOs so many of my pictures came out quite grainy. Live and learn I guess!!

A somewhat grainy shot of Dean apparently levitating while he's actually sitting on Brian's boat!!

Pictures can be deceiving in other ways as well. Due to the objective natures of the exposure controls on a camera, it can often "interpret" a scene as it deems fit. Below is a shot taken into the sun. The camera detected the brightness of the sun and underexposed the rest of the image to compensate. The effect is a dark and foreboding shot that in reality should be a bright anf "cheerful" one!

In the end, it's all about getting out for some exercise, refining skills and just chewing the fat with likeminded, i.e., obsessed, paddlers.

Cheers all to Brian, Neville, Dean, Eugene, Ralph, Des, Clyde, Tony and Dennis, our most recent addition to the Kayak Brother/Sisterhood

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  1. Sean, perfect practice makes perfect. Good time last night as always.

    Tony :-)