Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut . . .

When I first started to roll (Oct 2009), it was in the heavily chlorinated water of the local pool. At first I was having a bit of a problem because I really wanted to follow the paddle with my eyes but I had a hard time opening them under water!! I bought a face mask. Once I started using the mask, I would focus on following the paddle with my eyes and I found it easier to keep my head down and to complete the roll.

Then I decided that a mask was not really all that cool and that if I ever capsized at sea, the chances of me having on a mask were slim to none. I bought a pair of goggles and a nose plug. While not as watertight as the mask, they did afford some protection from the chlorine!! This setup also FELT a little more like what it may be if I capsized in open, i.e., salt water.

While the chlorinated water hurts my eyes and nose, the frigid salt water did not. I decided that when I roll in salt water, I would not wear my goggles at all. (I practiced a few times without the nose plug but figured the sinus rinse really wasn't worth it. (See my blog's main image to see the salt water gushing from my nose after a roll))

Last night in the pool, the rubber gasket gave out on my goggles. It was at this point that I decided that I'd no longer use any eye protection while in the pool. I also decided that from this point all rolls will be conducted with my eyes closed. Well, that's the way it's going to be in the event of a capsize and I might as well get used to it now!!!

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