Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All decked out - 2nd Step

Tonight was a pretty easy night. I traced and cut out the cockpit opening and created the raised foredeck.

As per the plans, a 2x4 on edge will give the right deck height. Because the centre deck panels were not initially glued, the raised foredeck is easily formed. A sliver of panel is needed to fill in the space.

The image below shows the sliver epoxied in place. It also gives a good indication of the cockpit shape.

In these images you will see the hull off to one side. I've rigged a set of boards to hold either the deck or hull as required, leaving the work table free for whatever piece is currently being worked on!

It's Tuesday night and I could've been at the pool, but creating a boat is actually more addictive than paddling one!!!

Next step is to tape the foredeck seam. While that is setting, I will work on the recesses for the hatches and compass.

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