Saturday, February 19, 2011

All Decked Out - the 4th step

Friday night was an easy night. My son had an out-of-town b-ball game (they won) and we did not get home until 9:00. I did not get to work on the boat until 9:30. No biggie. I was only planning on glassing the underside of the deck.

As per the plans, I ran another strip of 6 oz tape up the inside of the foredeck seam and then glassed and epoxied the whole lot. Total time was less than 1 hr! For once, I am happy to say that nothing went awry during this whole thing!! Finally!!

Bow to stern

Stern to Bow. Hull to the left just waiting!!

Soul mates waiting to be forever joined!!
I'm going to apply one more relatively thin coat of epoxy and then I'm ready to do some cutting.

After that, the next stage is cutting the hatch "holes" and the installation of everything you see in the image below.

Spacers, coamings and hatches

Time to kick back and have a beer before hitting the hay. Another b-ball game in the AM!!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. It's really coming together for you. Can't wait to see her on the water.

  2. Thanks Clyde. Believe me - nobody wants to see this on the water more than me!!

  3. Nice looking work Sean. Can't wait for your launch.