Saturday, February 26, 2011

Return of the Porcupine Boat . . . or the joining of the hull and deck

Today was a milestone. I finally joined the hull to the deck and now have a complete boat - of sorts.

After some interior preps, i.e., adding a second coat of epoxy on the bulkheads and such, I was ready to finally mate the deck to the hull.

I bought some new wire at Princess Auto - 18 gauge with a green poly covering. About 3.00 for 30 meters = a dandy deal!

2x4s on edge provided enough room to loosely fit the wires.

Cheryl doing the "twist"

Things went together nicely. A few hiccups involving clamps but all will be fair in the end.

Tomorrow we remove the sutures and all will be be revealed.

If I may say so, day-um this is one nice lookin' craft.


  1. Cheryl's boats comin along great!!

  2. Sean, don't let her paddle it when its finished... Once she feels how much better it is than her plastic one she'll want one of her own. Now that I think of it, since you have the room, the tools, and the know how, maybe I'll paddle it too and then you can help both of us build one. Hmmm. that would be a fun project next winter....

  3. Thanks guys for posting. I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel now!! As for Cheryl, I'm pretty sure I've heard her say that she wanted my Baffin if I ever got another boat. I'm fine with that. The building process sure is fun,intersting, challenging and all-consuming!! I know I'll be doing it again in the future but, most likely, not the near future. Sorry Dean!!

    Oh, and boy-o-boy, is this thing ever LIGHT!!! Now that the deck is attached I can get a better idea of the lightness and stiffnes. I've very impressed on both counts!!

    Stay Tuned!!

  4. I give you untill the Fall, maybe sooner, depending on our weather this summer!

  5. Update: Cheryl says she wants a strip boat - I laughed!! If anybody gets a stripper (hahaha) it's me!!