Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All hands to stations

Last night, in my excitement of stitching the sides to bottom, I failed to realized that normally the stations are put in at this time. Damn! I found this out this AM when I re-read the instructions. Being the way I am, I fretted all day about whether the stations would fit after the fact and whether I prematurely cut the bottom panel.  Right after supper I took fifteen minutes to cut the stations but then had to take my son to b-ball practice. Fast forward to 9:30 when we got home. Normally I refrain from working in the attic at night as its right above the upstairs bedrooms but tonight I to make an exception. I'm certainly glad I did!!!

As is often the way, my first station was NOT working out. Something was askew and I could not get it to fit snugly. I conceded defeat and moved onto #2. It dropped in without a hitch - as did 3. #4 was really off. I rechecked my measurements and found a huge error. NOTE TO SELF - never trust measurements made after a few shots of whiskey!!  I found my mistake and simply re-marked and re-cut that station. It dropped in perfectly as did #5, the final one.

Which left one final problem - Station #1. With renewed optimism (after seeing all the others fit so well) I set myself to making this one fit. Out came the plane and rasp and, after careful assessment of the situation, #1 dropped in like a charm!!

Casting an eye down the sheer shows a beautiful curve with no dips. Hats off, again, to the designer, Duane Strosaker.

An interesting note. Plans call for using staples to hold the stations. I opted for push pins as they allowed me, thankfully, easy removal/retacking of the stations while I tried to get them fitted properly!!  With just one push pin per side of each station for a total of 10 pins, I was able to lift the boat by one end. Imagine what it will be like when sheathed in 6oz fg cloth and epoxy?

And now a fews shots from the night's hour of work. (Forgive the varying hues in the images below. I'm using my point and shoot and am having troubles getting good exposures!!)

Amidships station #3. Nice and snug!

From the stern
Starboard bow

Profile - the pointy end

Profile - the blunt end


You never know what will be awaiting you when you get home from work.  Below is a shot of 30 yds of 6 oz cloth @ 60" wide. Most recent cost was put at a 24 case of beer but, apparently, that's open to future negotiations!! 

It's great to have connections in the world of marine supplies!!

Tune in next time!!


  1. Taking shape nicely Sean.

    Tony :-)

  2. Thanks Tony. It's very satisfying to results so quickly. I hope the work continues as smoothly as it has been. Things will slow down once I hit the more "picky" stages like glassing and the finish work.